Social Responsabilities

Professional Textile Manufacturer Company


** It is mandatory to obey the laws which are related to issues belonging to the Republic of Turkey or accepted by the Republic of Turkey, and to obey international arrangements and standards.


** Disciplinary precautions taken in order to work regularly and efficiently must be respectful to human dignity. Any kind of actions such as insult, violence, oppression, physical and sexual and verbal harassment are certainly not allowed.

** Any kind of discrimination against issues based on employing, payment, discipline and dismissal or against personal features based on religion, gender, race, age, social and ethnic origin, and physical disability and political opinion is not possible.

** Child labour is forbidden and children who are under sixteen and who have not completed his/her education cannot be employed.

** Forced labour is not allowed. No one can be forced to work by being demanded assurance or any kind of document.

** Compliance with legal working time is principal. No one can be forced to work more.

** Being a member of labour unions and having the labour bargaining rights cannot be restrained and No one can be forced to act against them.

** Minimum wages and overtime that are determined by law must be executed. Social security contributions must be paid regularly in time and only legally stoppage is acceptable.

** Necessary precautions are taken and necessary information is given in order to provide safe and decent working conditions and to prevent occupational illnesses and accidents. Transportation and storage are carried out with protecting equipment in accordance with working safety standards.

** In terms of protecting environment and environmental safety, necessary standards and methods for waste management and liquid waste sublimation fulfil legal requirements.


    Cendere Textile and Ready-made Garment carry out its practices in their own or other workplaces in accordance with social responsibility policies. The company inspects or has experts inspected and ensures to take corrective and necessary precautions.